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Steel rebar is a critical component of almost any concrete construction project, providing rigidity and stability to the structure. However, the reliability and strength of steel come with drawbacks, including added weight and the vulnerability to corrosion. LiteBar, an innovative product from LiteForm, provides many of the advantages of traditional materials with none of the downsides.

What Is LiteBar?
LiteBar is the product of a groundbreaking manufacturing process, combining high-quality glass fiber with a powerful resin, which produces a bar that is significantly lighter and stronger than steel. In fact, each bar only weighs approximately 2.5 pounds. LiteBar is corrosion resistant and doesn’t conduct electricity, making it ideal for nearly any concrete building project.

When to Use LiteBar
Despite plastic vs. steel, the application of LiteBar is the same as traditional steel. LiteBar’s resistance to rust and corrosion makes it especially suited for high-moisture environments, which would likely cause traditional steel rebar to rust. With its tensile strength and low weight, LiteBar is suitable for flatwork, parking lots, slab on grade, stem walls, footings, and select structural applications.

Though just as strong as steel rebar, LiteBar can be cut with bolt cutters, a grinder, or a circular saw, allowing you to cut it to your needs without any special tools. Because it’s much lighter than steel, LiteBar is also less expensive to transport and easier to work with, which can help keep your project on schedule and under budget.

LiteBar can be purchased through all CES locations. To learn more about LiteBar, visit

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