About CES

We’re not in the concrete business because we were tired of being ski and fishing bums and it seemed like a good way to put food on the table. We love this dirty job and everything that goes with it – the crazy schedules, the change orders, the bad weather, the sore knees, the aching backs, the bloody knuckles and cracked fingers, the f#$%*@g plugged pump trucks.

We love that concrete waits for no man. It is on its own schedule from liquid to solid and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Concrete does not care if you haven’t had a break today or that quitting time was three hours ago. It doesn’t care that you left your rain jacket at home or that it’s not supposed to snow in June.

We love the long days and the early mornings after the long days. We get satisfaction from doing what most can’t or won’t and doing it well. We get it ‘cause we’ve lived it. We have concrete in our veins – we bleed gray, we bleed mud.

Yeah, concrete is in our blood.

Where We Came From

Concrete was the family business for Brent Gendreau. He grew up in the rugged mountains of Western Colorado watching his dad put in long, backbreaking days on the jobsite. These were followed by long hours at the kitchen table, coffee pot at his side, preparing bids or designing formwork. His hard work paid off; his company was locally and nationally recognized for completing many complicated projects with amazing attention to detail.

As Brent got older, he understood the passion that drove his dad to work so hard. It was the love for something that few would try and fewer would be great at. When he was old enough, Brent joined his dad’s company and spent long hours working in the field and in the office learning all the aspects of concrete construction.

When it came time for dad to retire and sell the business, Brent wasn’t ready to give it up. He took a chance. He convinced his dad to keep the forms from the concrete forming business and opened his own form rental service. In 1995, Concrete Equipment & Supply was born. With his knowledge, experience, and understanding of the industry, CES quickly became the go-to source for local contractors in need of forms.

Where We Are Today

As customer demand for additional forming accessories and supplies increased, Brent obliged, slowly building CES to meet the need. Today, CES has locations on Colorado’s Western Slope (Silt and Durango), the Front Range (Windsor), and northwestern New Mexico (Farmington) serving concrete contractors in the commercial, industrial, and residential construction markets.

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