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#FormingTheRockies is more than selling the right gear and getting concrete set, it’s a part of everything we do. Our people, our places, giving back, learning more about how to make the best projects better - the things that matter to us inside and outside our day jobs.

Month: April 2020

Building The Unseen Future: Forecasting COVID-19’s Effect on Colorado Construction

As COVID-19 continues to impact society and economy, it is hard not to wonder how Colorado construction and the state will fare for future projects. Wells Fargo reports “Prior to the coronavirus crisis, construction spending dipped 1.3% in February. While many projects continue to proceed, hard-hit areas are shutting down construction sites and project delays/cancelations

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CES Durango Aids in COVID-19 Combat Effort

Doing your part is part of what #FormingTheRockies is all about. Durango branch employees have donated respiratory masks and safety gear to local healthcare professionals and outlets on the front lines helping to combat and treat the COVID-19 pandemic. To the healthcare professionals, retail workers, drivers, those out in the field, and of course anyone

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